Tap into your subconscious.

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Fri, 4/27 - The Groove Gallery --> here.
Thurs, 5/3 - Boston Art Week Arts Technica @ CIC Boston --> here.

Thurs, 4/19 - BU ARVR Festival (Presenting) --> here.
Mon, 4/9 - Boston New Technology (Presenting) --> here.
Fri 4/6 - ICA First Fridays - Virtual Reality! --> here.
Wed, 3/28 - ICA Boston Tech Night--> here.
Sat, 3/24 - HomeGrown Boston --> here.
Wed, 3/21 - SVVR VR Mixer GDC/VRDC Week --> here.
Fri, 3/2 - Whisky Saigon VR Trip --> here.
Wed, 2/28 - Boston VR / EdTech


EmotiVR = Emotive + VR

EmotiVR helps people connect with their emotions using Virtual Reality, with real-time biometric inputs.

Leveraging the unique 360' audiovisual immersive characteristics of VR and surreal animation as the medium, EmotiVR taps into the subconscious and takes the User on a journey to channel the rather elusive "emotion."


Learn more --> here.

EmotiVR is a Beantown Builder project --> here.

Email contact@emotivr.co for inquiries.

EmotiVR Team:  

Soo J. Cho—producer/lead  
Swagata Chakrabarti—business development  
Janella Mele—art  
Mukit Reza—tech

Boston, MA

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